5 SPAs 5 Days: Divana

Thu December 18, 2014

Refreshed and rejuvenated and ready for a three-peat, it’s Day 3 of mission “5 SPAs in 5 Days!” This round takes place at the Divana Divine Spa – a World Luxury, Asia Spa, Traveler’s Choice and CNN GO awards winner.  The Divine is part of a larger Divana family, which includes: the boutique Massage Spa; Virtue Spa and Medical with Anti-aging Clinic; and DII, a high-tech medical and homeopathic facility futuristically designed in ginormous DNA helix sculptures, with myriad beauty and wellness procedures from detoxifying lymphatic drainage to a “live blood analysis” and free radical check. Completely intrigued, slightly afraid, I stuck to the basics (this time).

CFMichaels Spa Week Day 3

CFMichaels Spa Week Day 3

Shoes off outside and into the charming lobby. You’ll notice the staff also without shoes. There is a lot of no-shoe wearing in many places here in Thailand. And the funny thing is, that never ceases to put me in a mellow mood, it’s so laid back and easy, and it’s fun to be out and about with your shoes off, like a whispered reminder to relax, “what’s the rush, it’s ok you forgot your shoes.”

(Exception: when you have that great pair of shoes you’ve saved for that great outfit, for that great event, and they can’t go to the party with you.)

CFMichaels Spa Week Day 3

CFMichaels Spa Week Day 3  CFMichaels Spa Week Day 3

Nicely appointed reception, great desk and desk chairs, and an abundance of pink orchids – a staple around here you never tire of seeing.

CFMichaels Spa Week Day 3

CFMichaels Spa Week Day 3

CFMichaels Spa Week Day 3

 I love the seemingly haphazard placement of the bowl of orchids on top of the garden stool. The doubling up of ceramics is an effective divider, as is the beautiful folding screen behind, and a perfect punctuation to basic office furniture.

CFMichaels Spa Week Day 3

CFMichaels Spa Week Day 3

A pre-spa juice and cold towel, and an assortment of treatment accoutrements to choose from.  And I was slightly enamoured with the adorable washroom…

CFMichaels Spa Week Day 3   CFMichaels SPA Week Day 3

CFMichaels Spa Week Day 3

CFMichaels Spa Week Day 3

CFMichaels Spa Week Day 3

Here’s what went on behind closed doors:

The reason I chose this Divana over the others…

Organic Turquoise Detox  

 Once again googly-eyed, they had me at Turquoise. The word works as a magnet for me, and interestingly, turquoise purportedly repels negative forces.

What commenced was a two-hour hot stone therapy and organic oil massage, with TURQUOISE stones!  They were beautiful, flat turquoise river rocks, and they were HOT.

There’s something about being blanketed in turquoise that just seems right.  If you’re going for a stone massage, adding a little color therapy can’t hurt.

Organic Hair “Muditioner” & Scalp Massage

Everything-it-claimed-to-be goodness.  Caveat: if you’ve never done, make sure you don’t schedule an outside appointment soon after.

CFMichaels Spa Week Day 3

A post therapy pineapple boat of fresh fruit and ginger tea.

CFMichaels Spa Week Day 3

Spoiler Alert:  Day 4 was a whole new experience, Day 5, speechless!

Divana Divine Spa

(In case you missed Day 1 and Day 2)

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