Thai Artist Spotlight

Mon June 02, 2014

We are completely taken with the original oils and watercolors of Thai artist, Niran Charoenpong.  The primary subject of his art is the traditional scenes and cultural heritage of his native Thailand.  While a great many of his pieces explode with color, a common characteristic you see in his work is a very restrained, minimalist palette, on which he then assigns a single vibrant subject.  This is especially evident in his oil on canvas white series, wherein monks in traditional orange march in procession to temples outlined in solid white, impressionistic strokes.  We can see these working well in a modern setting.  

Thai Artist Niran Watercolor

Thai Artist Niran Watercolor

Thai Artist Niran Watercolor

Thai Artist Niran

Thai Artist Niran

Thai Artist Niran

Thai Artist Niran

me in nirans2

Quite sure this is me practicing the fine art of negotiation.  

We’d love to hear if you like him too, drop us a line and let us know!

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  1. Susana Magalhães de Macambira says:

    It.’s possible I buy from Portugal?
    Please send me the instrutions

    Best regards


    • Carla says:

      Hi Susana, thanks for your message. If you are interested in this artist’s work, you can contact me at I can find out what is available and the possibilities for direct shipping from the artist. Unfortunately we do not actually sell his work, nor do we ship to Portugal on the CFMichaels website, but that could change! Carla

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