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Wed February 26, 2014

I’ve spent a number of years traveling, and relocating, to some great destinations around the globe.  Playing the tourist and exploring a new place is always a thrill,  but moving in, well that’s a guaranteed wild ride. Whichever role I’m cast,  I’ve always found that one of the best ways to begin to assimilate and learn the local MO is to hit the streets and get shopping…

From Portugal to Poland to Prague to Pisa, Tanzania to Indonesia and Cairo to Dubai, Istanbul to Baku and Berlin to Bangkok, I’ve honed a vetting eye and practiced the art of procurement around some dandy corners, with some decidedly colorful characters.  It’s the alchemy of those world-wind experiences and encounters, diamond-in-the-rough discoveries and a long-standing love affair with design, that has brought me to this very personal destination – the launch of CFMichaels, a cultivated online boutique of  vintage textiles, art and accessories for the home handcrafted and hand sourced exclusively across Southeast Asia (where we affectionately now call “home”).  Just click on Shop to see our introductory collection.

Here on the blog, from design and travel notes to an up-close taste of Thailand, we aim to share the high life, and the real life, behind our good-life finds.

Most importantly, we hope to offer you something your home can’t live without.

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  1. Sherry Bell says:

    Bravo! This site is the accumulation of the experiences only a style genius could bring us! I’ll take one of each….

  2. Cathy Austin says:

    Carla, the site is amazing!! I cannot wait to follow your treasure hunt and see your incredible photos!

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