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Mon October 06, 2014

We may be going out on a limb here, but here it is: everyone loves elephants.  And when they are a country’s highly esteemed national symbol, there’s no shortage of their likeness around town.  We’ve hardly skimmed the surface, but here are a few of our favorite finds thus far from the more substantial fare. 

CFMichaels Elephant Door Handles

CFMichaels Elephant Door HandleCFMichaels Elephant Door HandleCFMichaels Elephant Door Handle CFMichaels Elephant Door Handle

We are completely taken with the elephant door handles. Made of solid brass, the polished patina on these pachyderms is top-notch, and would be a charming welcome to any room.  Quite frankly, we think they’re a must for the office doors of any elephant-loving company…

CFMichaels Elephant PaintingCFMichaels Elephant Painting

CFMichaels Elephant Painting 

Not only are elephants considered one of the smartest species on earth, their repertoire of skills includes a flair for the arts.  With an easel at their side and a brush in the trunk, Sumatran elephants swing and sway to create a truly one-of-a-kind work of art.  We can’t think of anything more original and entertaining from lands far away.

CFMichaels Elephant Handle Wine BucketCFMichaels Elephant Handle Wine Bucket

CFMichaels Elephant Handle Ice Bucket

Outside the city of Ayutthaya, the historic former kingdom and capital of Siam (now Thailand), sits the small village of Arunyik, populated in large part by immigrants from neighboring Laos.   Legend has it that Arunyik was once a hotbed for casinos and gamblers who would spend their winnings on the wares of local blacksmiths, who soon became known for their specialty in making handmade knives, really sharp ones (they’re serious about their knives here). Lucky for us, over the years their craft evolved to also include tableware.  We’re loving these strong elephant handled ice and wine buckets – a thoroughly fun way to elevate the everyday bar cart.

CFMichaels Indigo Thai BatikElephant Tie Dye TextileFlower power and tie-dye textiles create a spotlight on the 60s: Elephants march across a happy frangipani-like print in this terrific Thai batik textile, and elephants and their riders parade across a casual colorful cotton tie-dye. Both pieces large enough to cover a king or queen, or separate to fit two twins.  Or, use them  for headboard upholstery, or to create blankets and throw pillows – the options are endless!  With the look of slightly vintage, lived-in-and-loved indigo and tie-dye, you’ve got a no-fail “design do” for the preschool to preteen boudoir …or beyond.


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